Cultivating Creativity in the Beauty and Barbering Industry

Have you hit a snag in your creative thinking? Talk to your peers. Talk to your clients. Conduct a survey to find out what your market would love to see. You’ll never know what great ideas other people might have unless you ask. In this field you do not want to remain stagnant. Think of what you enjoy and what you excel best at in this business. Are you a hair color guru? Think of ways to showcase that side of you. Do you have a brand such as, “the blow out queen” or “the king of cuts?” Use that branding leverage as the source of your creative thinking. You must always use creativity when showcasing your talent.

There are many ways you can generate a buzz for your services without breaking the bank.

    • Use networking to your advantage. Do you have a favorite shop in your town or at the local mall that features styles that you love? Speak to the store manager about hosting a fashion show. Hosting a fashion show can be done affordably. You can use the women or men who work at the store or maybe you could use some of your friends to be the models for the event. Have them wear the store’s latest styles, while you do the hair and/or makeup. This promotes awareness for both you and the store. Make sure you walk with your business cards so that you can hand them out and book new appointments. One of the best forms of adverstising is word of mouth or referrals. By showing off your range of hair and makeup styles it will give people a glimpse of the different looks that you can create. Creating fabulous masterpieces at key events will keep you in the minds of potential clients.
    • Get creative online. Take photos of your work and post the different looks that you’ve created on Pinterest and Facebook. Get your fans involved and have them vote on their favorite looks. Be sure to show off your best work using subjects with diverse looks to broaden your potential customer base.
  • Create a buzz for your business with a photo shoot. This spring and summer, get out and about. Be seen in your local park or outdoor shopping venues taking photos of men, women or children whose hair and makeup is center stage. This will spark interest in standbyers or people just walking around. This will also create awareness of your skills and talents. People will be able to see your abilities outside of a salon setting.

This industry is always evolving and creativity is a necessity. You need to evolve with it and by coming up with fresh ideas, you’ll be creating a name for yourself and setting yourself apart from amongst the rest.

As a success strategist, an education enthusiast, author, and a business savvy cosmetologist, Sheika Thomas is also the Founder of The Sheek Stylist Society of Business Savvy Cosmetologists and Barbers. The Society was created for cosmetologists and barber to grow personally and professionally through leadership; education, networking support and national recognition. The Society provides convenient ways to advance your business knowledge by providing the business skills and tools needed towards manifesting your business professionalism.

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Bright and Beautiful Winter Fashion For Women

Granted, it might be hardly noticeable after the great washout summer, but it’s true: winter is fast approaching. As any self-respecting fashionista knows, the change of season can mean only one thing: a great excuse to go shopping!

Cold weather doesn’t have to mean more clothes, just warmer ones. So you can choose whether to bulk up with cosy knits and snug, thick fabrics, or go for clever layering; team funky accessories and outerwear with your favourite key pieces from the spring and summer. That way, you don’t have to banish cute tea dresses and floral skirts to the back of your wardrobe for another year; just mix it up by adding jeans or opaque tights and legwarmers, an oversized cardigan or batwing jumper, and those essential winter boots.

Perhaps the most important key item, and the biggest investment you’ll make, for your winter wardrobe is a coat that goes with everything. Boiled wool swing coats in deep colours are set to be big this year, while a nice fitted leather trench or double-breasted mac never goes out of style. The silhouette is nipped-in waists and wide skirts, which is very flattering for all sizes. This look is actually quite retro, so have a rummage in vintage stores or even the back of your mum’s wardrobe – you never know what you’ll find! – and you might just bag a unique piece to make you the envy of hipsters everywhere.

As for colours, remember winter fashion doesn’t have to be funereal. While black, grey and charcoal are all very well and grown-up, they can be harsh and make you look slightly washed-out, or just plain boring! Instead try a dark, rich, luxurious colour which flatters your hair and skin – purple, maroon and chocolate are all good – and accessorise with flashes of colour in brighter shades of the same hue. So a deep purple coat will look great with a funky fuchsia scarf and gloves; bottle green or navy are best with the lovely bright turquoise and peacock blue tones which were all over Spring-Summer this year. A bright colour worn near your face will grab attention and warm your complexion, so consider a cute beret or cloche hat in a colour you might think outrageous for bigger pieces.

Of course you’ll need a fabulous new bag to go with all this gorgeous outerwear. A black patent tote or oversized shopper, with buckle or strap details, will keep you on-trend while making a subtle style statement. It also gives you somewhere to stash those hats, gloves, scarves and extra jumpers when you’re indoors, so no excuses for leaving them on the train! Other key pieces this season shape the overall dynamic, which is very feminine but never frilly: cutesy angora jumpers, puff sleeves and empire lines cosy up to corset belts, bold ‘statement’ necklaces, high-waisted pencil skirts and shoe boots for a chic, kitten-with-a-whip kind of vibe.

Many of these winter must-haves will be versatile from now right through spring – and, if this year’s gloomy weather trend continues, into next summer too. So, don’t wait for the first frost before splashing out on something snuggly. The final accessory that every girl should have is, of course, a good credit card; with many offering 0% on purchases for several months, you can enjoy your new look now and pay for it later without feeling the burn of high interest rates that often come with store cards.

Elisha Burberry is an online, freelance journalist and keen traveller and watersports enthusiast. Originally from Scotland, she now resides in London.

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Compliment Your Bath Tubs With Superior and Fashionable Bathroom Faucets

I must say that remodelling a bathroom is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider when doing so. It is not only about finding the right color of walls, decors, bathroom tubs- which is the center of the bathroom, faucets, and other accessories. It is also important to make sure that every detail you want to have inside your bathroom goes well with each other.

Since the bathtub is the center of a bathroom, everything should start from it. One important bathroom accessory that must compliment your bathtub is the faucet. More than any accessory, faucets can either enhance the beauty of your tubs but at the same time, ruin it. Bathroom faucets are made in different types. You can purchase faucets made of brass, chrome, gold platinum and bronze, even those antique types.

There are so many things that a bathroom faucet can offer not just making your bathtubs look great or something that sprouts water from it. Depending on functionality, you can purchase faucets which has a soothing water massage effect on your skin when adjusted on its jets. There are also faucets which you can adjust its diameter to manipulate the strength of water coming from it. There are so many different types of faucets in the market you can purchase that will definitely compliment you bathroom’s theme.

Delta and Kohler are two manufacturing faucet brands that offer variety of high-quality faucets. Delta and Kohler are the most recommended because of their age-old expertise not only in faucet designs and finishes but in bathroom installations and accessories. Thus, you are assured of a long-lasting product for your bathroom.

When installing, it is important that faucets are well-mounted. Proper plumbing is important since installing is not as easy job and could a mess sometimes. As much as possible, avoid DIY plumbing when remodeling a bathroom unless you are a plumber, of course.

When shopping for faucets, going to online stores can offer you not only shopping ease but a lot more varieties and great offers. If you want to save time, go directly to products by Delta and Kohler. They mostly have the items you are looking for!

Shella [] is a freelance writer who loves surfing the net, listening to music and watching movies.

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Spring 2007 Jewelry and Fashion Trends

Flower designs are very hot such as semi precious pedant necklaces. It adds feminine touch to anything you wear and pink flower jewelry is especially flattering. Black and white colors are really big now; it looks super cool and elegant when matching these colors with sterling silver chains, silver earrings or silver necklaces.

Another big fashion trend is sun-kissed shades such as orange, yellow, green, and blue; these sun kissed shades are a great eye catching combinations; for example imagine a necklace made of red adventuring jade (orange shade), green adventuring jade, and golden yellow topaz crystals — wearing these combinations of semi precious stones will get you a lot of attention!! Translucent jewelry is very trendy, mostly quartz jewelry, clear quartz, rose quartz, and smoky quartz, they look even more trendy when they are matched with crystal beads — it’s sparkle and see-through celebration!!!

BLUE is the color of the season, it matches good with green, yellow and white, there are so many beautiful tones of blue in nature, and when it combines with sparkling Austrian crystals, it becomes a perfect match! No doubt that turquoise is the queen of the blue color; I find it fascinating how the color of turquoise stone is not strong, still it stand out from far away.

For example: imagine a necklace where the pendant is light blue turquoise, add to it blue sapphire crystals, light chalcedony stones, and white fresh water pearls — this color combination match is in such a harmony that it feels like the colors in heaven! It also feels really nice and comfortable when you look at it with your eyes, just like the blue sky, the Blue Ocean and white clouds.

Mint color, (sun kissed green) plus all shades of blues, and bulky semi precious stones necklaces with silver color chains are in style now (Spring 2007).

Cindy Chelini, jewelry and fashion designer, Santa Monica, Ca working for: wholesale jewelry [] jewelry wholesale []

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Personality and Fashion

Personality is the outward expression of that indefinable quality known as “individuality.” Personality we can develop–can really create. How? By making it express in the fullest sense our highest and best aspirations.

Personality carries great responsibilities, because we expect it to represent us as individuals. We should therefore clothe our personality with honest thoughts, high ideals, and lofty purposes; and to enable it to forge ahead–to permit us to reach the pinnacles of our aspirations–we should clothe its dwelling place–our body–with agreeable and proper raiment, raiment that will not hamper it but stimulate it to guide our pursuits, to make friends and success for us.

Your individual characteristics should dominate you, your ideas, your attitude toward life and toward those with whom you come in contact.

Your clothes help you to express your innermost thoughts, your kindliness, your good feeling toward all about you. This should be sufficient reason for knowing your good and bad points and understanding yourself well enough to bring out the charm you possess or to cultivate charm if you feel that you lack this invaluable quality.

You should never be satisfied to be a nonentity in intellect, in understanding, or in friendship. You should express your personality in these things, and, in doing this, one of the greatest aids is dressing yourself appropriately, becomingly, and with individuality.

Sometimes, women misinterpret the worth whileness of individuality in attire and resort to freakish costuming. We may be grateful for the infrequency of such mistakes, for there are few women–yes, very few–who do not desire to dress in the most becoming way possible, and who will not, with aid and encouragement, persevere until capable of dressing in a distinctive, beautiful way.

It is my desire in this book to give you authentic and definite information that will enable you to distinguish between what is worth while and what is not, and so help you to select such materials, colors, and designs for your garments that they will harmonize with your individuality and environment.

The experience of designers and creators of wearing apparel has demonstrated that harmonious dress is simply the result of a proper knowledge of color, basic motifs of design, the kind of fabric to employ for a given purpose, and the lines of the human figure. Therefore, instead of being perplexing, harmonious dress –distinctive dress–is simply the result of good judgment used in selecting colors and fabrics and choosing and adapting styles that, in motifs of design, suit the lines and proportions of your figure.

To be clothed in garments that in every way bring out your best points and in no way emphasize any of your defects should be your aim. There are comparatively few women who can afford to be richly dressed; yet, no woman, no matter what her station in life may be, can afford to be shabbily dressed.

Next to your ability–and some claim before it–comes your personal appearance.

Your clothes are your visiting cards–your cards of admission, so to speak–and you cannot afford to be tabooed because of being untidy or dressed unbecomingly.

A really well-dressed woman is never conspicuous nor uncomfortable no matter where she may be. To be well dressed, however, does not necessarily mean that you must be extravagantly dressed; it does mean, though, that you must understand dress harmony–how to adapt prevailing styles to harmonize with your personality and to conform to it.

“Personality and Fashion” is taken from a 1918 publication “Secrets of Distinctive Dress”. The information is timeless and just as applicable today as it was back then. To learn more about 1920’s ladies fashions we invite you to visit

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