Personality and Fashion

Personality is the outward expression of that indefinable quality known as “individuality.” Personality we can develop–can really create. How? By making it express in the fullest sense our highest and best aspirations.

Personality carries great responsibilities, because we expect it to represent us as individuals. We should therefore clothe our personality with honest thoughts, high ideals, and lofty purposes; and to enable it to forge ahead–to permit us to reach the pinnacles of our aspirations–we should clothe its dwelling place–our body–with agreeable and proper raiment, raiment that will not hamper it but stimulate it to guide our pursuits, to make friends and success for us.

Your individual characteristics should dominate you, your ideas, your attitude toward life and toward those with whom you come in contact.

Your clothes help you to express your innermost thoughts, your kindliness, your good feeling toward all about you. This should be sufficient reason for knowing your good and bad points and understanding yourself well enough to bring out the charm you possess or to cultivate charm if you feel that you lack this invaluable quality.

You should never be satisfied to be a nonentity in intellect, in understanding, or in friendship. You should express your personality in these things, and, in doing this, one of the greatest aids is dressing yourself appropriately, becomingly, and with individuality.

Sometimes, women misinterpret the worth whileness of individuality in attire and resort to freakish costuming. We may be grateful for the infrequency of such mistakes, for there are few women–yes, very few–who do not desire to dress in the most becoming way possible, and who will not, with aid and encouragement, persevere until capable of dressing in a distinctive, beautiful way.

It is my desire in this book to give you authentic and definite information that will enable you to distinguish between what is worth while and what is not, and so help you to select such materials, colors, and designs for your garments that they will harmonize with your individuality and environment.

The experience of designers and creators of wearing apparel has demonstrated that harmonious dress is simply the result of a proper knowledge of color, basic motifs of design, the kind of fabric to employ for a given purpose, and the lines of the human figure. Therefore, instead of being perplexing, harmonious dress –distinctive dress–is simply the result of good judgment used in selecting colors and fabrics and choosing and adapting styles that, in motifs of design, suit the lines and proportions of your figure.

To be clothed in garments that in every way bring out your best points and in no way emphasize any of your defects should be your aim. There are comparatively few women who can afford to be richly dressed; yet, no woman, no matter what her station in life may be, can afford to be shabbily dressed.

Next to your ability–and some claim before it–comes your personal appearance.

Your clothes are your visiting cards–your cards of admission, so to speak–and you cannot afford to be tabooed because of being untidy or dressed unbecomingly.

A really well-dressed woman is never conspicuous nor uncomfortable no matter where she may be. To be well dressed, however, does not necessarily mean that you must be extravagantly dressed; it does mean, though, that you must understand dress harmony–how to adapt prevailing styles to harmonize with your personality and to conform to it.

“Personality and Fashion” is taken from a 1918 publication “Secrets of Distinctive Dress”. The information is timeless and just as applicable today as it was back then. To learn more about 1920’s ladies fashions we invite you to visit

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