Spring 2007 Jewelry and Fashion Trends

Flower designs are very hot such as semi precious pedant necklaces. It adds feminine touch to anything you wear and pink flower jewelry is especially flattering. Black and white colors are really big now; it looks super cool and elegant when matching these colors with sterling silver chains, silver earrings or silver necklaces.

Another big fashion trend is sun-kissed shades such as orange, yellow, green, and blue; these sun kissed shades are a great eye catching combinations; for example imagine a necklace made of red adventuring jade (orange shade), green adventuring jade, and golden yellow topaz crystals — wearing these combinations of semi precious stones will get you a lot of attention!! Translucent jewelry is very trendy, mostly quartz jewelry, clear quartz, rose quartz, and smoky quartz, they look even more trendy when they are matched with crystal beads — it’s sparkle and see-through celebration!!!

BLUE is the color of the season, it matches good with green, yellow and white, there are so many beautiful tones of blue in nature, and when it combines with sparkling Austrian crystals, it becomes a perfect match! No doubt that turquoise is the queen of the blue color; I find it fascinating how the color of turquoise stone is not strong, still it stand out from far away.

For example: imagine a necklace where the pendant is light blue turquoise, add to it blue sapphire crystals, light chalcedony stones, and white fresh water pearls — this color combination match is in such a harmony that it feels like the colors in heaven! It also feels really nice and comfortable when you look at it with your eyes, just like the blue sky, the Blue Ocean and white clouds.

Mint color, (sun kissed green) plus all shades of blues, and bulky semi precious stones necklaces with silver color chains are in style now (Spring 2007).

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